Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Basic Things You Should Know About Carbon Fiber Manufacturing

What are Carbon Fiber?

A carbon fiber is a long, thin strand of material which is around 0.0002-0.0004 in (0.005-0.010 mm) in measurement and is made of carbon molecules. The carbon atoms are fortified together in minuscule crystals adjusted parallel to the long hub of the fiber. The crystal arrangement makes the fiber robust and fit for its size. A few thousand carbon strands are wound together in order to shape the yarn, which might be used independent of anyone else or woven into a fabric. The yarn or fabric is consolidated with epoxy and a wound or formed into the shape to frame different composite materials. Carbon fiber-strengthened composite materials or carbon fiber sheets are used for the manufacturing of racing cars, golf club shafts, spacecraft parts, bicycle frames, fishing rods, sailboat masts, many other components where high strength and light weight are required.

Raw Materials used in Carbon Fiber Manufacturing       

For the manufacturing of Carbon fiber parts, some raw materials are required that make high strength and light weight product. The raw material used in making carbon fiber is known as the precursor. Around 90% of the carbon fibers delivered are produced using polyacrylonitrile. The rest 10% are produced using rayon or petroleum pitch. These materials are natural polymers, described by a long series of particles bound together via carbon molecules. The accurate composition of every forerunner fluctuates starting with one organization, then onto the next and is for the most part considered as a trade secret.

Amid the assembling procedure, an assortment of liquids and gasses are used. Also, a few of these materials are intended to respond with the fiber to accomplish a particular impact. Different materials are composed not to respond or to keep certain responses with the fiber. Similarly, as with the precursors, the accurate composition of a hefty portion of these procedure materials is considered prized formulas.

About DexCraft 

DexCraft is a leading company that supplies glass fabric, Kevlar and carbon fabric products. They design and manufacture a range of composite products for racing cars, the automotive industry. Also for interior decor, wheelchairs, orthopedics, rehabilitation, diving and much more. The company manufactures and supplies carbon fiber sheets ranging from 1 to 25mm thick. With more than 7 years of experience in providing supplies of complicated solutions and products, DexCraft uses the best Carbon fiber manufacturing process by using hand lay-up, infusion and prepreg technology. The manufacturing of each product is unique and executed with epoxy resins. 

Wrapping it Up

When seeking to buy carbon fibre sheets, the best way is to seek an online store that offers high quality of these sheets at affordable rates without compromising on the quality standards. Although, there is an array of online stores selling these sheets, but one of the leading stores is DexCraft. You can get the best carbon fiber materials and sheets from this store without poking a hole in your pocket. The online supplier is known for the supplying high-quality material at the most affordable rates. 

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