Thursday, 7 December 2017

Carbon fiber verses aluminum verses plastic

Aluminum is commonly used but there are many advantages to expect with a carbon fiber panels and carbon fiber composites. Carbon fiber suits industries and applications that need high strength and rigidity in relation to weight. For instance, they can be employed in racing cars, professional bicycles, and rehabilitation equipment and in aviation.

They are also applied in the designing of luxury products such as watches and wallets. Comparison of aluminum and carbon fibers is not easy because a complete comparison requires looking at all features of a metal. We concentrate on only a few here.

Metals differ from carbon fibers because they are usually uniform or isotropic, ensuring that the properties are same in every direction. However, carbon fiber panels and carbon fiber composites are produced by placing fabrics in a specific way to alter properties.

With regard to producing products that offer stiffness and strength at low density, carbon fiber has advantages over aluminum and steel because it produces products that are lighter and of high strength at the same time. Carbon fiber is usually a combination of carbon and plastics, with plastics being added to improve the quality of products.

Carbon manages 2 to 5 times more rigidity than aluminum and steel. If the product is to be stressed along one plane, made from one-direction carbon fiber, carbon has a stiffness of 5 to 10 times more than steel or aluminum. In some cases, carbon fiber might be more costly than steel and aluminum.

If the material has same wall thickness and is required to be stiff and strong at the same time, two components of the same dimensions, one made from aluminum and the other carbon fiber, the one made of carbon fiber will be 50 percent lighter than that made from aluminum. It will also be more than 5 times lighter than one made of steel.

At the same time, the product will off 31 percent more rigidity than the aluminum product and weigh 50 percent less and have 60 percent more strength. For those looking for carbon fiber panels and carbon fiber composites, we do make them with custom sizes and dimensions. You can also get carbon products for different applications as stated previously.

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